The Great Masters of Contemporary Art

Featured on cover (WHITELIGHT, Acrylic on Canvas, 40" x 30"), and page 190 of publication of The Great Masters of Contemporary Art. Art Now 2020, Italy.

World of Art Publications. 2020. London

Click above ^ to view magazine. Including latest events at MoMA, Guggenheim, Biennale Arte. Full page advertisement: "White Light" painting. Diane Holland, Page 121

Venezia Art Expo - Exhibition of Nations - 2018. Italy

Featuring "Figs and Melon" oil on canvas, in exhibition Catalogue. The editor-in-chief Salvatore Russo, writes: "Exhibiting in Venice, represents the dream, not so secret, of all the artists in the world."

Artisti Internazionali d'Arte Contemporanea, 2020, 2017, 2013. Italy

"Diane Holland is an innovative member of the world of abstraction. Ms. Holland creates works that are inspirational and uplifting...A composite of geometrical figures between mysterious silences and infinite shapes.'

 "Museum" - World of Art Publications. London

Contemporary Artists Showcases. Masters of Today Collective Art Books Series. Hard cover edition. 18 pages, featuring paintings of "Sun" series, "Exuberant", "Barn" series, "Black Arrow", "Exploration in Color", "Metamorphous" series, "To the Millennium", "La Belle", "Ninth Woman", "Lines of Illusion", "Mystic Encounter", "Rhythm Exploration" series, "Live Connection" , "Moon" series, "Between the Lines", Extensive critique by Antonio Malmo, Expert in Modern Art. Petru Russu, Editor/Publisher. London

 Art Acquisitor Magazine. New York, USA

Published by Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery

 Gallery Gide New York, 2007-2017

International Prize - Raffaello. Italy

Paintings featured in Catalogue of art show and awards. Events held at Gnudi Palace, Bologna, Italy. May 2018.

 Modern Painters - Art, Architecture, Design, Performance, Film. 2014 - 2017. USA

 Blouin USA

 3rd Bienal De Arte Barcelona. Painting - Sculpture - Photography. Spain

Featured, along with selected International artists, in this Biennial catalogue of Painting, Sculpture, Photography. The event was held at the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art), Barcelona, Spain, April 2019.

 Dizionario Enciclopedico Internazional D'Arte Modern e Contemporanea. 2004/2005. Italy

 Art in America International Review. 2007-2017

 Spotlight - Contemporary Art Magazine. 2018. France

Selected Artist. Published by Circle Foundation for the Arts Press, France.

 Living Artists, California. USA

Arte EuroAmerico. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Susana D"Momo, Editor: "Art is the ecstasy of the human being".

 International Dictionary of Art. Volume 1. World Wide Art Books. USA

 The International Prize of Nations - Tribute to Tiziano. 2019 Venice, Italy

Featured in "Art International" Catalogue: The show catalogue for the International Prize of Nations- Tribute to Tiziano, Venice, Italy.

 Art International Contemporary Magazine.

February 2018 April 2018 June 2018 March 2019 April 2019

 International Prize - Caravaggio. Italy

Featured in show Catalogue. Awards and art show in Milan, Italy, December 2018, at the Theatre Litta, Milan.

 100 Contemporary Artists. Published by World of Art Magazine. London

 Art Now: International Prize - Artist of the Year 2019. Italy

"Artist of the Year 2019" paintings featured in Catalogue.

Album Aspetti Dell 'Arte. Milan, Italy.

Special Edition: Expo 2015.

 2nd International Prize - "Leonardo Da Vinci, the Universal Artist". Italy

Paintings featured in Catalogue of: " Tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci, the Universal Artist". Art show and awards January 2018, at the Borghese Palace, Florence, Italy.

 Colemetric Arte. Milan, Italy

Featured Artist. Exploring "Sun" and "Moon" paintings' series.

 The Best Modern & Contemporary Artists - 2018. Italy

Featured in art show Catalogue.

 International Prize - Guilio Cesare. Italy

Featured in show Catalogue

 "Famous". Published by World of Art Magazine. London

Featured in publication.

 Art Now: "Michelangelo - Premio Internazionale Michelangelo". Italy

Featured in Art Now and in art show Catalogue. Events held in Rome, Italy, July 2019.

Impronta Creativa, March 2020

'Exuberant' included in the Art Gallery exhibition, in Milan, Italy, March 9-29, 2020, and included in the magazine for the exhibit.

Spotlight Contemporary ART Magazine, France. Issue 8, 2016

'Many Moons' Acrylic on Canvas, 40" x 30". Selected and featured in this French publication, by Circle for the Arts Press.

Aristi '19: Yearbook of International Contemporary Art

Invited to display in this prestigious publication of International Contemporary Art, 2019.