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Artist of the "MONA LISA VARIATIONS" Collection

"I take over the dining room table with my collage pieces, paints and fabrics. I like the sound of the TV and the surround of the kitchen and family. I like the dog underfoot.

I start with a blank canvas, 14" x 18" or 24" x 30". I enjoy the possibilities of the blank canvas. The 16th Century iconic Mona Lisa has been confined to a dark frame for seven hundred years. This enigmatic, confident young woman is now free with me to explore the modern world--to try all the looks and styles and experiences she desires. She is now truly liberated.

I begin to experiment with different hair styles, colors, different clothes, different poses, until another variation emerges. I apply MAC makeup to her face and lips and eyes.  No portrait is done until the very last piece of collage goes down, and the last brush stroke and color is applied. Then, immediately, Mona Lisa's restless spirt commands that something new be born.

I often work on two or three canvases at a time.  I have no preconception about the outcomes.
I add and subtract.
I change.
The variations are endless.

I have recently begun to explore a completed canvas with a camera, looking at positions of the face, and altering the structure with angles and colors.  This excites me, and fascinates Mona Lisa.
The variations are endless.

I work in sort of a trance. Looking back at many of the pieces, I can't describe the how and why. This leads to a double blessing: I am proud, as the artist, of this collection. And I am delighted, as a visitor, who comes upon this work for the very first time."

Diane Holland, SF Int'l Artist, San Francisco, California, USA
"In Conversation With..." by Laurence Grunberg